Do You Need to See a Diabetes Psychologist?

Apr 11, 2022

We all know that living with T1D can be challenging, and the biggest challenges are often mental.

If you have T1D and you’re struggling, how can you tell if you can deal with the stress on your own or if you need professional help? Here is what I say when someone asks me if they need to see a mental health professional because of diabetes.

Mental health treatment can help you if you are having trouble dealing with the emotional aspects of T1D on your own, especially when these emotional challenges interfere with any of the following parts of your life:

School or work

Does the stress of T1D affect your ability to work or go to school? For example, if you are always worried about your blood sugar and have a hard time paying attention at work or school, mental health treatment might help.

Activities you enjoy

Do you avoid doing activities you used to enjoy because you have T1D? For example, if you like to hike, but you don’t do it anymore because you are scared you’ll go low, you might benefit from seeing a mental health professional. 


Is T1D having a negative impact on your relationships? If people tell you they are worried about you or that they don’t want to be around you because you are moody, irritable, or just not yourself when your blood sugars are out of range, professional help may be appropriate.


Is your stress affecting your ability to manage T1D? For example, if you feel frustrated and defeated by diabetes, it can be hard to get motivated to monitor your blood sugar and take insulin. If this sounds like you, mental health treatment can help.

Diabetes can be tough, and if you are having a hard time handling it on your own, please know that there are people out there who can help you!

If you don’t need professional help to deal with the stress of T1D, you probably need something! This post has resources you will find helpful.

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