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Diabetes Sucks and You Can Handle It!


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 This book is an actionable toolkit to help you manage the emotional burden of type 1 diabetes written by a psychologist who knows firsthand how much T1D sucks.

Life with T1D is unpredictable and filled with never-ending work, leading to overwhelm and burnout. Diabetes gets even more challenging when you believe you can't handle this stress.

In this guide to navigating the emotional challenges of T1D, Dr. Mark Heyman shows how life becomes easier when you accept that T1D sucks AND believe you can handle it.

In this book, you'll:

  • Find out how it's easier to manage the stress of T1D when you stop trying to control it
  • Discover how you probably make T1D more challenging than it needs to be
  • Master skills to help you handle the emotional burden of T1D

Dr. Mark shares proven tools and real-life stories of others who have learned to handle the stress of T1D to provide hope for anyone struggling with this chronic condition. 

Are you ready for more freedom and flexibility in your life with T1D? This book holds the key.

What People Are Saying:

This book reminds you that you are not alone - these feelings are valid and also normal. It has you saying “oh my gosh, they thought that too!?” Or “so I’m not the only one!?” multiple times. The strateiges and tools are something that I’m definitely putting in my back pocket forever. I’ve already bought two more copies and gifted them to my dad and brother, fellow T1Ds!

I wish this would have been available when I was diagnosed. Having this book available makes me feel that there is someone who cared enough to write something that touched on the very emotions I have dealt with.

Mark gives a truthful, relatable, and comprehensive guide to taking hold of the most important part of T1D management, the emotional/mental aspect of how we cope and live with T1D! I will recommend this book to every patient I work with!