#139: International Travel with T1D

For some people with T1D, the thought of international travel is terrifying.

The good news is, there are lots of people who have gone on exciting international adventures with T1D and had no issues. We can learn a lot from each other about how to navigate international travel + T1D safely and with ease.

Melissa has a teenage son with T1D and he is going on a school trip to Europe this summer. She is trying to figure how how to support her son manage his blood sugars while he is abroad, while also managing her own anxiety about his safety.

In this episode, I coach Melissa on how she can stay calm and let her son enjoy his time in Europe with his teachers and friends. We talk about how her son is managing T1D well at home, and there's no reason to believe that he will behave any differently when he is traveling (even if his blood sugars do not cooperate). I also give Melissa some practical tips she can use to help her son plan for a fun and safe international adventure.

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