New Ways to Get the Mental Health Support You Need with T1D

Episode #81

I love when I have the chance to chat with other mental health professionals who specialize in diabetes. It is even more exciting when those professionals are creating inclusive opportunities that go beyond the physically-focused mindset surrounding a diabetes diagnosis.   In this episode of the Diabetes Psychologist Podcast, my guests are Allison Nimlos, LAMFT, and Sara Adams, LCSW. Both Allison and Sara are therapists who live with diabetes and work with people living with diabetes. Together, they are putting on the FIRST EVER Diabetes + Mental Health Conference on May 20-21, 2022. I hope this conversation sparks your interest in learning more about diabetes and mental health.    To find out more and register for the Diabetes + Mental Health Conference, go to or follow @dmhconference on Instagram. Early bird registration ends Sunday, April 3   You can find Allison on Instagram @thediabetictherapist. You can find Sara on Instagram @t1dtherapist. Click HERE to join The Diabetes Psychologist Membership. Use code COMMUNITY to get your first month for $10.

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