Building the T1D Community One Photo at a Time

Episode #77

The diabetes community has many faces. We come from diverse backgrounds, and each of us is unique. However, we are all united by the common bond of type 1 diabetes.

The diabetes community comes together in different ways. Sometimes it's through diabetes camps and in-person events, and other times it's running into another T1D in the wild. The T1D community also comes together through social media, podcasts, and even photography.

My guest on this episode of The Diabetes Psychologist Podcast is Laura Pavlakovich. Laura is the founder of You're Just My Type, an organization that works to create a lasting community around Type 1 Diabetes. Laura started You're Just My Type to use her background in photojournalism to support her passion for building community for people with T1D. In our conversation, we talk about why community, in whatever form it takes, is a critical piece of the T1D + mental health puzzle.

You can find out more about You're Just My Type at and on Instagram at @yourjustmytype1.

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