Focus on Input, Not Output with T1D

Episode #74

You are probably focusing your time and energy with T1D in the wrong place!

You most likely focus your attention on things you don't have complete control over. You focus on your blood sugars and how you feel physically and emotionally. You try to control these variables, sometimes with limited success. And when you can't control them, you double down and try even harder.

What if I told you there was a better place to focus your energy with T1D?

In this episode of The Diabetes Psychologist Podcast, I discuss why you shouldn't focus your efforts on your diabetes output. Instead, you should focus your time and energy on what you have complete control over--your input. When you focus on your diabetes management behavior, not only do you see what you can control, but the output follows. You feel more confident, and your blood sugar and stress levels will thank you. In this episode, I give you four steps you can take to focus on your input with T1D.

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