Your Guide for Setting Diabetes Goals for 2022

Episode #68

It's time to look ahead and set some big goals for your life with T1D in the new year.

Why is it helpful to set diabetes goals? Where do you even start?

In this episode of The Diabetes Psychologist Podcast, I dive into how you can set T1D goals in the new year. You'll get to dream big, push yourself, and see what's possible for you in your life, even with T1D along for the ride.

We'll talk about the three types of diabetes-related goals: Blood sugar, mindset, and behavior. And you'll see how these types of goals all complement the other. From this starting point, you'll learn how to drill down to identify your actual goals with T1D.

Finally, I'll give you four questions to ask yourself as you set goals for the new year that will set you up for success.

Question #1: How much control do I have over the outcome?

Question #2: Who is the person I need to become to make this goal a reality?

Question #3: Am I willing to fail when I try to achieve this goal?

Question #4: What is ONE simple first step I can take today to get closer to my goal?

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