How to Navigate Food and the Holidays with T1D

Episode #66

The holiday season can feel like a landmine for people with T1D. You want to enjoy all your favorite foods, but you also want to keep your blood sugar in range. Doing both at the same time feels like an impossible task.

That's when things start to get stressful. You start feeling out of control, and you may even want to give up on even trying to manage T1D until after the new year.

Living with T1D during the holidays can be complicated. So I brought in an expert to help you navigate food and the holiday season with T1D.

My guest on this episode of the podcast is Amanda Ciprich. Amanda is a Registered Dietician who has been living with T1D for over ten years. She is an expert in helping people with T1D develop eating habits that make them feel great and are sustainable long-term. In this episode, Amanda talks about her journey with T1D and food and why she decided to become a dietician. She also shares her best tips for eating the foods you love while managing your blood sugars during the holidays.

You can find Amanda at on Instagram at @t1d.nutritionist.