Identifying Risk & Protective Factors in Your Mental Health with T1D

**Content warning: we discuss drug prevention in an example during this podcast episode at 2:30. If you want to avoid this section, please skip to 4:04**

From time to time, we all struggle with creating a healthy mental space while managing diabetes. When you think about your own mental health, do you have specific methods, routines, or habits, you lean on that help you feel better? On the other hand, do you find a way to sabotage your mental health? Think about how you are caring for your mental health in a healthy way or your struggles that may potentially be making it worse - these are your risk factors and protective factors.  

In this episode of the Diabetes Psychologist Podcast, I share a framework to help you identify risk and protective factors in your life with T1D so that you can spend more time doing what works for you and less of what doesn’t. 


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