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You have a plan to manage your blood sugar, right?


But do you have a plan for managing the stress of life with type 1 diabetes (T1D)?


If you don't have a diabetes stress management plan, you probably feel like you’re drowning. You have no idea where to focus your efforts to keep your head above water. You may even feel like T1D takes away your freedom to live a normal life.




A plan to manage the stress of T1D is simple and focuses on five specific areas. If you are strong in each of these five areas, you'll be able to deal with all the stress diabetes throws your way. When you implement this plan, you’ll be clear about what you're doing now, and what you need to do next, to stay emotionally healthy with T1D.


You'll get this plan and more when you join Live Free with T1D.


How Does the Five-Step Plan Work?


Your Diabetes Management Plan Should be Designed Like a Sailboat!


There are five parts of your sailboat that need to be strong to ensure smooth sailing with T1D.

  • The Captain: YOU!
  • The Hull: Your diabetes knowledge and management
  • The Rudder: Your behavior
  • The Sails: Your mindset
  • The Crew: Your support team 

If you design and build the five parts of your sailboat to be strong, you’ll have smooth sailing in your life with diabetes.


All of that is part of the plan you'll get when you join Live Free with T1D.


Plus, as part of Live Free with T1D I host a live coaching event every month. You'll have the opportunity to ask me  questions and even get personalized hot-seat coaching.


Join other people just like you who are looking for a plan to find peace of mind and freedom in their life with T1D. 


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