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Low Blood Sugar Sucks!

For many with T1D, the fear of low blood sugar dominates every aspect of their lives.

If this sounds familiar, you know all too well how your fear of lows affects you every single day:

  • It’s checking your CGM 15+ times an hour to make sure you are "safe".
  • It’s planning ahead for every possible situation that could make your glucose drop low.
  • It’s taking less insulin than you need because you worry what could happen if you take the correct dose.
  • It’s saying NO when your coworkers invite you to go out for lunch.
  • It’s forcing yourself to eat (even if you don’t want to!) or eating EVERYTHING in sight when your BG anywhere close to being low.
  • It’s setting your CGM to alert you when your blood sugar is 100mg/dl so you can get a head start on treating your "low". 
  • It’s avoiding exercise because you are terrified of your glucose taking a nosedive during a workout
  • It’s keeping your pump in exercise mode all the time because you feel safe(r) when your blood sugar target is higher. 
  • It’s not being able to focus on your career, because all you can think about is how to avoid going low. 
  • It’s worrying about what your new love interest will think if you go low on a date.

And worst of all . . .

It’s wondering if you will wake up tomorrow morning because you just don’t know what your blood sugar is going to do while you’re asleep.

No matter how hard you work to get rid of your fear of low blood sugar...keeping your blood sugar high, avoiding activities checking your blood sugar all the time…

All you are doing is putting the focus on your fear, making you feel so much more anxious, stressed, and out of control.

You know that if you continue down this path without actually addressing your fear of lows…

it’s only going to make things worse.

  • Diabetes will take up more and more of your headspace
  • Your relationships will suffer because your loved ones will not get the attention they need
  • You’ll put your health at risk because you’ll continue keeping your blood sugar high
  • Your family, life, and career will stay on hold...until your fear goes away...


In other words…

Your world will continue to become smaller and smaller…

Conquering your fear of low blood sugar is THE most important thing you can do to finally live the life you want.

It’s even MORE important than constantly trying to get away from your uncomfortable thoughts and emotions around low blood sugar.


Yes, that's right!

The more you try to avoid those uncomfortable feelings, the more scared of lows you become ...

and the more control your fear of lows has over you…


So when you try to avoid your fear, it makes it worse...

and your world gets smaller and smaller...

I call this “the Cycle of Blood Sugar Avoidance” 

You see…

The more you try to avoid your feelings, the more intense they get, which makes you want to escape them even more... 

That’s when taking a different approach to dealing with your fear of lows becomes important.

If you can find a way to stop avoiding your fear, the world opens up to you. You can start doing the things you love without thinking about diabetes all the time.

And as a clinical psychologist AND someone who has been living with T1D for more than 24 years, I can tell you...





Your Step-by-Step Plan for a Life Free from the Chains of Your Fear of Low Blood Sugar

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✨Discover a Life Full of Freedom, Flexibility, and Peace of Mind✨



A Step-By-Step Plan: Get a 6-week process to overcome the fear of low blood sugar and take your life back!

A Supportive Community: Connect and get support from others on the same journey in a judgment-free zone.

Expert Guidance: Join weekly office hours where Dr. Mark is available to answer your questions and help you every step of the way. 

đź’ˇCrafted by Experts, Tailored for You

  • Reclaim Your Life: Shift from fear to confidence in managing your blood sugar.

  • Live Life on Your Terms: Tools and support from T1D + mental health professionals.

  • Connect & Belong: Engage in a moderated community for support and understanding.

  • Find Your Strength: Transform challenges into empowering experiences.

Hi! I'm Dr. Mark Heyman

I am a diabetes psychologist, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES), and I have been living with T1D for over 24 years.

Living with T1D is not easy.

But when fear of low blood sugar isn't getting in your way, life with T1D becomes a whole lot easier.

My goal is to help you conquer your fear of lows so you can find the freedom and flexibility in your life that you're looking for.

Dr. Mark has been featured by...

Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped 100s of people with T1D just like your conquer their fear of low blood sugar.




My clients pay $3000+ to work with me for several months in my private practice.

But here’s the thing...

When I see their transformation and how they were able to break free from their fear of lows and start saying YES to life and FINALLY do the things they’ve always wanted to do…

I want to help as many of you as possible to get the same results.

This program includes all of the tools and resources I share with my private clients. 

You can join LiveFree with T1D for only $299.

That’s right.

For just $299, you’ll get access to my proven framework that will help you conquer your fear of low blood sugar so you can do what you want in your life! 

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 Imagine how you'll feel when you're in the driver's seat of your life, and your fear of low blood sugar is no longer in control. 

Too often, you think your fear of lows is in control of what you do in your life. 

Here is your chance to learn the skills you need to take the power away from your fear and put it back where it belongs - with YOU! 

Start your journey to conquer your fear of lows and become more free, flexible, and confident in your life TODAY. 

I've taken the tools I've developed working with 100s of people with T1D who struggle with a fear of low blood sugar over the past ten years and put them all into this 6-week program. 

You'll get the videos, worksheets, community, and professional support you need to make the transformation you are looking for. 

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Week-by-Week Breakdown of the Program 

During Week #1, you'll focus on understanding and assessing you fear of low blood sugar, its effects on your life, and pinpointing your reasons why conquering your fear is important to you.

Week #2 will help you to get comfortable being uncomfortable. When you learn you can tolerate your uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, low blood sugar becomes a lot less scary.

In Week #3, you'll see how the stories you tell yourself about low blood sugar make your fear a lot harder to handle. You'll learn how to identify these stories and rewrite them to be more accurate and helpful.

In Week #4, you'll flip the script on your behavior. Instead of letting your fear tell you what to do, you'll see that you can do what you want, even when you are scared (and stay safe in the process). 

During Week #5, you'll work to make sure you have the support you need to continue conquering your fear of lows for years to come. T1D should never be a do-it-yourself condition, and you need others by your side on this journey.

Week #6 is all about growing into the new you. Now that your fear of low blood sugar isn't consuming your identity anymore, a world of possibility is open for you. You'll work to find your new identify.

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Oliva (T1D for 31 years)

I had been struggling with extreme fear of low blood sugar and burnout.What I was doing wasn't working nor helping me, and I was stuck. I was feeling down for not taking better care of myself, stuck without time or mental energy to "deal" with my diabetes. After working with Dr. Mark, I am more confident in handling diabetes, by doing things I was afraid to do before. This "test & learn" approach has made me feel more free and flexible in my life with type 1 diabetes.

Isaac (T1D for 14 years)

Your investment is protected by a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

“Ok, Dr.Mark... but what if this program doesn’t work for me?”

I understand that you might be on the fence or scared that this program might not work for you.

I want you to know that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the program, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All you have to do is email me at [email protected].

And in return, you will get a “thank you” for giving me an opportunity to help you on your journey of conquering your fear of low blood sugar.

All you need is to show proof that you watched the videos, completed the worksheets, and attended office hours.

I want to remove all your risk...

So the only risk you're taking is by not signing up, and...

wondering how your life could have changed if you took a chance and gave this program a shot.

And there's only one way to find out!

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If you're serious about conquering your fear of low blood sugar, you have a choice to make!

You can either keep doing what you’re doing…

and continue feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated because your fear of low blood sugar is preventing you from living the life you want...

or you can go through this program engage in the private community, attend Dr. Mark's office where you can ask questions, get support…

And conquer your fear of lows so you can start doing things you LOVE, like:

  • outdoor adventures like hiking, biking and skiing
  • traveling and exploring new places with your friends!
  • eating out at a restaurant whenever you want
  • saying YES to invitations
  • indulging a delicious dessert and taking a full bolus of insulin
  • focusing on your work and advancing your career
  • And so much more!!!

…without fear of low blood sugar getting in your way.


Invest in your future TODAY!

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Let's Recap!

When you join, you’ll get instant access to this 6-week program:

  • Week #1: Identify Your Why for conquering your fear to keep you motivated to put in the work.
  • Week #2: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable so low blood sugar becomes a lot less scary.
  • Week #3: Rewrite Your Stories about low blood sugar, which makes lows a lot easier to handle.
  • Week #4: Lead with Action to gain flexibility doing things you never thought were possible!
  • Week #5: Leverage Your Community because T1D should NEVER be a do-it-yourself condition.
  • Week #6: Find Your New Idenity now that you're not worried about low blood sugar all the time.
  • Weekly Office Hours: For each of the 6 weeks of the program, you will have access weekly office hours where Dr. Mark is available to answer your questions and give you the support you need.
  • Moderated Community: Connect with others who truly get what you’re going through. In this safe space, you’ll find the understanding and support you need, anytime you need it.
  • Bonus #1: FOUR Extra Weeks of Office Hours Access so you can get the support you need even after you complete the program. 
  • Bonus #2: Access 12 Masterclasses on T1D + Mental Health so you can get support with T1D-related challenges beyond your fear of lows.

The total value of this program is $847!

But you can get it today for only $299!

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đź”’ Frequently Asked Questions

Join LiveFree with T1D and Conquer Your Fear of Low Blood Sugar Today!


What You Get:

LiveFree with T1D [$299 Value]

LiveFree with T1D is Dr. Mark's Proven 6-week Program to Break Free From the Chains of Your Fear of Low Blood Sugar.

When you join, you'll get:

  • Step-By-Step Process: You’ll be guided through a 6-week program to break free from the restrictions put on you by your fear of low blood sugar.You’ll get videos, worksheets, and action items that will transform how you think about and react to low blood sugar, so you can start saying YES to life.
  • Expert Support: You don’t have to navigate your fear of low blood sugar on your own. For each of the 6 weeks of the program, you will have access weekly office hours where Dr. Mark is available to answer your questions and give you the support you need, and where you can connect with others in the LiveFree with T1D Community. With this access to expert support, you're always a step ahead in your T1D journey.
  • Moderated Community: Never feel alone with your fear of low blood sugar. Connect with others who truly get what you’re going through. In this safe space, you’ll find the understanding and support you need, anytime you need it.
  • One Year of Access: You'll have unlimited access to all the program materials and the moderated community for one year.

Bonus #1 

FOUR Extra Weeks of Office Hours Access

Get LIVE support from Dr. Mark for an additional 4 weeks after the program ends. With your bonus weeks, that is a total of TEN Office Hours Session! [$200 Value]

Bonus #2

The Diabetes Psychologist Masterclasses 

 Access 12 Masterclasses on T1D + Mental Health. [$348 Value]

Total Value: $847

 Join now and unlock the support, resources, and freedom you deserve. Conquer your fear of low blood sugar today!

Your investment is protected by a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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