#188: Your CGM is Not (always) Your Friend!

Sometimes, the best advice I can give to someone for their mental health is "take off your CGM."

 My CGM makes me feel safe and secure. I like knowing that I'll get an alert if my blood sugar is falling fast. But I also don't look at it very often. I trust my CGM to do its job without micromanaging it.

For other people (maybe you?), all the info you get from your CGM consumes you. You can't focus on the things that are important to you because you are paying SO MUCH attention to your blood sugars. 

Can you relate?

While CGM has been a game-changer in the world of T1D management, it's so important we set boundaries with these devices—and sometimes, that may mean taking them off.

In this episode  I talk about the advantages and the challenges that using a CGM can have on your mental health. We dive into the importance of setting boundaries with yourself and other people around your CGM so you can keep yourself safe, both mentally and physically.

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