3 Ways to Keep it Simple with T1D & Mental Health

Apr 01, 2022

Sometimes we like to make things too complicated.

Now, I know the emotional side of living with T1D isn’t always easy. When you’re having a hard time with T1D, your first instinct may be that your challenging situation needs a complex solution. But when you can’t figure out what to do, you end up feeling stuck and even more overwhelmed.

What if you keep it simple?

Sometimes the most effective approach to the emotional challenges of T1D is to keep it as simple as possible. You may ignore the most obvious ways to get unstuck because you don’t think getting unstuck should be easy.

Trust me – sometimes simple is best!

Three ways to keep things simple with T1D and your mental health

Find someone who will listen

Recently, a friend (who also has T1D) said me, ‘Sometimes people with T1D don’t need a solution, they just need someone to talk to.’ I thought her words were profound. Things can get complicated quickly when you start looking for solutions with your emotional health. Having someone you can talk to about your experience with T1D, and who will listen to what you have to say without trying to solve anything can be healing.

Take a short break

All the work that goes into managing T1D can feel overwhelming. A short break from the constant mental gymnastics can give you the space you need to reset. Of course, you can’t stop taking care of your diabetes, but there are things you can do to take some stress off. For example, you can take a short break from your CGM or pump. You can also give yourself a meal where you don’t worry about how many carbs you eat. I bet you’ll be amazed how much these short, planned breaks can help. Just make sure you also have a plan to get back on track when your break is over!

Do simple things

There is more to life than T1D, and no one wants to be thinking about diabetes all the time. Be intentional about putting time aside regularly to do simple things you enjoy, and that allow you to reset - read a book, work in the garden, take a bath. Yes, diabetes is part of your life, but sometimes you need to remind yourself you are more than your T1D. Being intentional about doing simple things helps you to start believing it.

There may be times when you may need more than simple

While a lot of time, simple things can go a long way to help you deal with the emotional burden of T1D, there may be times when you need more help.

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