T1D: Unwelcome Intruder or Annoying Roommate?

Apr 01, 2022

Do you ever look at someone else with T1D and wonder how they are handling the stress so well, while you are struggling? You feel stuck with diabetes, and they seem like they aren’t letting diabetes hold them back.

You both have to do the same things to manage T1D. You both deal with high and low blood sugars. You both deal with the constant mental gymnastics of managing T1D. But they are having an easier time than you are.

Your approach matters

The difference may be how you are approaching diabetes. In my experience, people who have a harder time see the stress of T1D as something they need to fight. People who have an easier time see T1D as something they can integrate into their lives, even if it’s stressful and annoying.

Some people see diabetes as an unwelcome intruder, while others see it as an annoying roommate.          

Unwelcome intruder

If the stress of T1D is getting in your way, you probably see diabetes as an unwelcome intruder. If this is you, all you want to do is fight this intruder and make him go away. The problem is, there’s a huge cost to fighting, and almost no chance of winning. Constantly trying to control T1D takes time and energy, taking away your ability to do what’s important to you.

Ironically, treating T1D as an intruder forces you to focus on it more with nothing to show for it – precisely what you are trying to avoid doing.

Annoying roommate         

If you are having an easier time dealing with the stress of T1D, you probably see diabetes more like an annoying roommate. Yes, it’s irritating. Yes, you would rather move out. But since you can’t get rid of T1D, you’ve found a way to live with it, even when it’s infuriating. The stress of T1D doesn’t take up too much of your energy, so you can do what you want in life, even with diabetes.

You can change your approach

If you find you’re fighting a losing battle trying to control the unwelcome intruder you call T1D, you are not stuck. You can change your approach to diabetes.

The first step is to recognize how your current approach is working for you. If you see you need to make a change, the next step is to figure out how you can tolerate the stress of T1D, even when it’s not comfortable, so you can live together peacefully.

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