#147: Your Guide to Letting Go in T1D Management

Becoming more independent while managing diabetes is no small feat. Suddenly, you're the one in charge of ordering your own supplies, remembering to bolus, and dealing with your lows. With freedom comes responsibility, right?

For parents of young adults with T1D, the struggle is real too. Letting go is not easy, and if you're nodding along, you'll definitely resonate with Leslie's story.

Leslie's son, now 20, is stepping into a new phase of life where he is more independent, both in general and in his T1D management. This newfound independence is normal for someone his age, but it's also sparking concerns for Leslie. She's becoming increasingly anxious about his safety and well-being.

This week on the LiveFree with T1D podcast, I chat with Leslie about the challenges of letting go. We explore how her mindset might be amplifying these difficulties, and discuss ways she can adjust her perspective to ease her worries and give her son more room to grow.

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