#152: How To Get Back To Feeling Normal Again

Remember being a teen, when all you wanted was to fit in? Living with T1D, or loving someone who does, can make feeling "normal" a real challenge. Emotions, friendships, and how we see ourselves can all get mixed up in it!

I won't pretend it's easy to be a teen with T1D. But, have you ever thought that the way you see things can make it harder? What if we could change how we see things?

I recently chatted with Kyra, who found out she has T1D at 17. She's been dealing with a bunch of feelings, many of which come from not wanting her diabetes to make her stand out.

In this week's LiveFree with T1D podcast, I help Kyra take a close look at how she talks about her life with T1D. We found that some words she often uses can create a negative view of herself that may not match up with her real life. Like adjusting the sails on her sailboat, we work together to help her rethink her journey with T1D.

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