#170: 3 Mistakes Your Making with Fear of Low Blood Sugar

My goal is to make sure that you're set up for success with your mental health around T1D, especially if you are dealing with a fear of low blood sugar. To do this, it's helpful to look at the top 3 mistakes you're probably making to deal with your fear of lows:

  1. You define success as getting rid of your fear: It makes sense, right? You want your fear to go away. But what if, instead, you focused on doing the things your fear stops you from doing?
  2. You overthink and over plan: Your goal is to think about your fear of lows as little as possible. But overthinking and over planning just make you think about it more, without making you any safer.
  3. You keep your blood sugar high: While this strategy may reduce your anxiety in the short term, it does nothing to make your fear of lows go away. It likely makes it worse.

On this episode, I dive deeper into what you're doing that's likely not working, and give you some tips that will help you better manage your fear of low blood sugar!

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