#176: Unlocking Your Motivation for T1D Management

How motivated are you to manage your blood sugars?

I'm sure you know that motivation is a tricky thing. It isn't possible to just snap your fingers and have motivation appear out of thin air.

And even if you feel motivated to manage your diabetes one minute, it's not uncommon for that motivation to disappear the next.

While motivation can be fleeting, there's another tool in our arsenal – discipline.

Discipline is the unwavering commitment to show up, work hard, and make the right choices every single day, even when motivation wanes. Motivation might get you started, but it's discipline that keeps you going.

This is especially true as you figure out how to consistently manage your blood sugars day after day.

In this episode, I talk about how discipline always trumps motivation when it comes to managing diabetes. I'll show you what discipline can look like in your life with diabetes, and how to start implementing these disciplines into your daily life.

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