#178: Your T1D-Related Emotions are NOT Facts

Your emotions about T1D play a important role in your life, but here’s a surprising revelation…

Their role is NOT to tell you facts. 😮

Emotions are designed to keep you safe, even if it means believing things that aren’t entirely true.

The good news is, if your emotions aren’t facts, they don’t have to control your life! 🎉

In this week’s episode of the ​​LiveFree with T1D Podcast​​, I talk about the role your emotions should play in your life with T1D. You’ll discover that when you see emotions for what they truly are (hint: remnants from caveman days), you can start living the life you desire, regardless of how T1D makes you feel.

Listen to this episode now to learn how to transform your relationship with negative T1D-related emotions and take back your power, even when it feels impossible.